Design is in the very heart of every product or service we consume. From look and feel to usability, human-centred design is an approach that is gaining more and more popularity in business, whether physical of online. Learn all about the important role of design in our lives and how to make it a part of your world.

CUV60411 – Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design


Coding is gradually becoming an integral part of our education system. What used to be math and algebra is now joined by programming and varying levels of coding. To prepare for the market and the world of tomorrow, we offer the following course:

ICT50615 – Diploma of Website Development


To deliver any IT project, you will need Project Management. Just like fire needs oxygen, heat and fuel, IT projects need design, development and project management. This comprehensive course ties all three ingredients together and teaches you how to develop a full project plan to deliver any project.

BSB51415 – Diploma of Project Management



Study online or join us in class.


Face to face delivery with up 25% online.


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Any questions? Maybe we answered them below

Below are frequently asked questions that we hope to answer clearly, to ensure you understand the processes involved with enrolling and studying with us.

If you have further enquiries, please visit the contact us page.

How do I enroll in a course with Mindroom Innovation?

Enrollment with Mindroom Innovation (MI) is easy and quick. All you have to do is complete our Application Form, also available under forms

Once completed, send it to use through the website or email to and a Mindroom staff member will contact you shortly.

You may choose to use the assistance of an Education Agent. If you do, the process is no different, and we will still need a complete enrollment form to start the process.

Once a complete application form is submitted, we will contact you and issue you with a letter of offer. This forms the agreement between the college and you. If you accept the offer and pay the associated fees, we will apply for a Confirmation of Enrollment (Coe) and if granted, send it to you.

With that in hand, your enrollment is complete and you need to apply for an Australian student visa.

How do I apply for an Australian student visa?

Applying for Australian student visa, is a request submitted to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

All the information you need, include the online platform to submit the application is available on:

An illustration of the process is available here:

Please note, that the application for an Australian student visa can only take place once you have a CoE in hand.

Education agents may be helpful in explaining the process should you choose to engage one. However, it is possible for individuals to submit visa applications on their own just the same.

What do I need to bring with me to Australia?

Australia is a developed western democracy. It has all the products and services the developed world has to offer. However, things may be priced differently to what you are used to.

Please read the information we provide about:


The Gold Coast

Our Campus

When do courses start?

Our courses are structured in a way that supports rolling intakes. However, students can’t just “jump” in a course at any time. Intake dates are scheduled to the first week of each unit, when units are usually between 3 and 5 week long.

The Application Form will provide relevant possible start dates for you to choose from. Alternatively, contact of through this website’s contact us page, or vie email:

How much and When do I pay for the course?

For your convenience course prices are published on this website:

Visit Price List.

Cost varies between courses and packages (enrolling in two courses rather than one) may significantly reduce tuition fees.

Your first payment is due when signing our letter of offer. This step forms the agreement, which takes effect once the letter of offer is signed and the fees it includes are paid.

Different course may attract different fees, but generally the following fees will apply to all courses:

  • Enrollment
  • Resources
  • Tuition.

Beach clean up

Gold Coast is home to some of Australia’s most bio-diverse and stunning oceans. Sea Shepherd’s Marine Debris team have planned their next clean up at the infamous Burleigh Heads for the first Saturday of February. Following the clean up between 8am-9am, all debris collected will be sorted and counted until 10am, whereafter the data will […]

Christmas time

Christmas is soon approaching and next week is the last week of terms. The term break starts on the Saturday 16th   and classes will re-commence on the January 8th 2018. Please also note that we will still be open from 9 am – 4 pm Monday to Friday from the 18th – 22nd December if anyone has any questions or would like to organise some […]


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